Sunday, June 19, 2011

Training Week 24 Recap (6 days to go!)

Well, it's here: race week. Almost 200 days since I heard my name drawn in the lottery and a full six months of training later, I packed my bags today. We'll be arriving at our place in Tahoe City on Tuesday afternoon, and Western States events start on Wednesday afternoon. I won't be running much before Saturday, though I will be logging a few miles here and there to keep the legs fresh and adapt to the altitude.

Here's what I ran in my 24th week of training, a taper week, for this race:

Monday: 5.12 miles.

Tuesday: 5.11 miles. Two days of uneventful running.

Wednesday: 3.10 miles. Legs were still feeling dead, and I got time-crunched at work before a softball game so I didn't get to the track like planned.

Thursday: 8.09 miles. In my final track workout, I ran 3x1600s in 5:48, 5:49, and 5:59 (stomach issues). It was a reassuring workout.

Friday: 1.05 miles. One last loop with the dog!

Saturday: 10.12 miles....and I flew. This was one of those confidence boosting runs that I needed. The weather was perfect, and my legs were comfortable clicking off low 7 minute miles the entire way.

Sunday: 7.56 miles. It was hot and humid, and I took it easy and ran on the sunny side of the road wherever I could. And with that, my final run before officially kicking off race week was done!

Total Week 24: 40.15 miles, my shortest week of running so far this year. I've run 1,658.47 miles in 2011, and 1,797 since I found out I got into Western States on December 4th. And it was all for a little race starting next Saturday.

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