Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Race day tracking information (3 days to go!)

Race day is nearly here! We're heading over to Squaw Valley in an hour or so to check things out and attend an afternoon seminar. It'll feel even more real when we do so.

A lot of people have asked me about race day tracking information. Here are a few methods by which you can follow along at home:

1) The ultra live website maintains a runner tracking system that is stellar. It provides regular splits and pacing information updated at each aid station. is the link. From there, you can choose your favorite runners to follow by name or bib number. My link is since I am Bib #189.

If you're interested in tracking some of the elite runners, let me suggest following these folks in the men's field: defending champion and course record holder Geoff Roes (M1), last year's third place finisher Kilian Jornet (M3), six years consecutive top 10 finisher and my coach Andy Jones-Wilkins (M9), Nick Clark (M4), two-time champion Hal Koerner (16), and Ian Sharman, who ran a 12 hour 100 mile race at Rocky Raccoon this winter (M8). In the women's field, I met elite runner Aliza Lapierre (24) on Day One of training weekend, and later discovered she was super fast when she was flying down Cal Street on Day Two. I told her then that I expect her to make some noise in this race! Others to watch include defending champion Tracy Garneau (F1), masters' wonder Meghan Arbrogast (F2), Nikki Kimball (F3), recent Comrades 4th place finisher Ellie Greenwood (20), and Kami Semick (26).

On a personal note, my WS training weekend running partners Chris Calzetta (248), Dave Town (372), and Skip Crockett (157). Jeff Bertot (104) has been a virtual running partner after we were introduced by a former track teammate of mine from my high school days, and I was introduced to Nate Sanel (341) by mutual running friend Ron Abramson. Fellow Missourian and Saint Louis Ultrarunning Group member Ben Creehan (154) is a guy I expect to run a stellar race and perhaps surprise a few people toward the front of the field.

2) The race apparently has a number of webcams set up along the course, including one at the finish line in Auburn. Those can be accessed somehow on the website or the ultra live link I posted above. I'm not finding it right now.

3) Facebook, of course. If you want to chat with fellow "Silky Supporters", or get live updates from my crew--including my better half, my college roommate Jeff, my pacer Jay, or my friend Pam--find our Facebook Group "Silky's Western States Crew", request membership, and we'll add you. Of course, the snow course is keeping my crew from seeing me until Mile 60 or so, so they're going to be restricted to the web updates above for a good portion of the day, too.

It really is a motivator knowing that I'll have friends, family, and even a few strangers I'm sure tracking my progress over the Sierra Nevada mountains this weekend! I hope this post is informative, and I look forward to entertaining you all as best as I can!

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  1. Chad, I am so happy to have this weekend off, to be able to check in frequently on FB and WS100 and ultra sites... wishing you the best, hoping you pack snow shoes, and just enjoy!!!! To have trained so hard and raised so much for a charity you support is fantastic. Go get 'em. You really need a cannoli hand off at mile 99.5... so you can look as cool as Jay did in the finish line fotos! be safe and have a blast.