Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mine's not done, so here are a few race reports from others.

First, here's an excellent video showing some of the snow running. I make my appearance at the 2:45 mark.

Here's a link to the blog that directed me to that video, where the always informative Craig Thornley offers his race report.

Any race report compilation would not be complete without my coach and, for the seventh straight year, top ten finisher Andy Jones-Wilkins' race report.

I actually made the 6th place women's finisher Aliza Lapierre's race report. Aliza and I ran together during the Memorial Day training weekend, and she did in fact make the noise I predicted she'd make. Nice run, Aliza!

As a reminder that this is a tough sport even for the top guys, course record holder and defending champ Geoff Roes recounts his first ever DNF here.

The speedy superhero Ian Sharman's race report about his tenth place finish can be found here.

Dave Mackey's 8th place running recap is here.

Nick Clark's stellar third place recap is here.

I'm in no way boasting, because he's much more talented than me and, again, anyone can have a bad day in this sport at any time...but was I shocked when the uber-talented Scott Jaime arrived to the track a little after me. Here's his report. I'm glad he fought it out!

And I'll probably keep adding to this list as I find them...and avoid doing my own.

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  1. Great visual after just reading RUN! Looks like a lot of fun:)