Thursday, June 2, 2011

Training Week 21 Recap (23 days to go!)

I'm a few days late, but here's what I did last week in my 21st week of training. It's hard to believe there are only three weeks left to go! Here's a very boring recap of last week.

Monday: 1.05 miles. This was a morning recovery run before my evening massage. Surprisingly, given the legs were only 36 hours removed from Berryman, they weren't hurting. In fact, I didn't have any DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Tuesday: 3.12 miles. Again, another easy recovery day.

Wednesday: 4.12 miles. I picked it up a bit and knew the legs would be ready for the weekend.

Thursday: 3.12 miles.

Friday: 1.05 mles. Yeah, this has been a boring week so far...

Saturday: 30.25 miles. See the report from that run here.

Sunday: 18.66 miles. See the report from that run here.

Total Week 21: 61.37 miles. Nothing spectacular, but with the Berryman 50 and the training weekend as pretty big bookends, it was a tough 10 day period...maybe the toughest I've ever had.

Total for the Month of May: 356.01 miles, a 20 mile PR over March's 336.50!

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