Monday, June 20, 2011

(No) Surprise-It's a Snow Year at Western States (5 days to go!)

Here's the just-released announcement and a photo of the course change.

What does this mean?

Well, the course is rerouted from miles 23 to 35. Ignoring the snow, it probably means a flatter, faster course, as we'll drop down into a valley instead of climbing up into the highlands. Of course, the snow will do its part to slow us down.

It also means that the first spot crews will be able to see their runners is at Michigan Bluff at Mile 55.7...and that may not be enough time to get to Foresthill, where most crews attend to their runners. It's hard to believe that I'll run over 55 miles without seeing my wife and family! At the same time, it may mean they'll get a little extra sleep back at the house we rented in Tahoe City.

Finally, it still means that this is a 100.2 mile race. That hasn't changed. So away we go!

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