Sunday, June 5, 2011

Training Week 22 Recap (20 days to go!)

And we're inside three weeks to race day. I just talked to my pacer, and it turns out he hasn't ballooned into as big of a fat ass as I worried he would [Insert smiley face here]

Here's what I did this week:

Monday: 21.80 miles on the final 20 miles or so of the course. Read about it here.

Tuesday: 1.70 miles. Very tired recovery miles with the dog.

Wednesday: 1.50 miles. Still very tired, and still with the dog.

Thursday: 2.02 miles. Hey, we're over 2 miles now. That's progress.

Friday: 3.12 miles. Yep, by race day, I'll have reached a marathon.

Saturday: 20.25 miles. This was on Green Rock Trail, my butt-kicking course. It was 80 degrees and humid when my buddy Brandon and I started at 6 AM, and it only got worse. I tried to turn around at the fifth mile, but Brandon kept me going. We finished it in a bit over 4 hours. Other than the company, there was very little fun about this run. The post-race highlight was an ice bath in the swimming hole of the nearby Fox Creek.

Sunday: 10.15 miles. Again, very hot and humid, and I waited until 4 PM for the run (somewhat on purpose). I ran nice and easy, but logged the hot miles.

Total Week 22: 60.54 miles.

Total YTD 2011: 1,558.27 miles. my previous PR for a year was 1,878.56 miles. I think I might beat that this year. Whaddaya think?

Under three weeks to go. Yikes!

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