Monday, May 2, 2011

Training Weeks 16 and 17 Recap (53 days to go!)

Once again, I'm a week behind in updating my training recaps. Because I'm even further behind in my course tour, I'll do two in one post right now.

Here's Week 16:

Monday (Patriots' Day): 26.39 miles on the Garmin...26.2 miles on the roads for my fourth Boston Marathon! I'll write a short race report at some point, but here is a summary: it was my slowest Boston yet, but one of the most fun! I ran the first 19 miles with my friend Megan, then did a 7 plus mile tempo run to finish in 3:15 and change only two days after a 50k. And I still have an awesome tan line on my right arm!

Tuesday: 1.05 miles. A day of rest.

Wednesday: 3.15 miles.

Thursday: 5.20 miles. My legs felt great!

Friday: 2.06 the midst of tornado sirens that cut the run short.

Saturday: 12.12 miles, some of it on hilly trails.

Sunday: 6.12 miles.

Total Week 16: 56.09 miles.

And Week 17:

Monday: 8.27 miles.

Tuesday: 8.18 miles. Keeping up the theme since Boston, I continued to log nice and easy miles.

Wednesday: 10.12 miles.

Thursday: 1.05 miles.

Friday: 6.27 miles.

Saturday: 23.26 miles. We were visiting Notre Dame for Nora's baptism, and I logged my miles on campus and along the Sunburst Marathon course. It felt great to go long again!

Sunday: 1.05 miles. I planned to run more, but we got home later than fit into that plan...and we arrived to the news of Osama bin Laden's death! As a result, I cut the run short to watch the breaking news! USA! USA! USA!

Total Week 17: 58.20 miles.

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