Sunday, May 15, 2011

Training Week 19 Recap (41 days to go!)

It was a big week! I hit my second highest mileage of all-time, but even more importantly, we hit our fundraising goal, surpassing $10,000 (and very much still counting) for the Wounded Warrior Project in the middle of the week. I've said it already, but I'll say it again...THANK YOU! I'm humbled.

Here's the running I did this week:

Monday: 10.15 miles. I felt my left IT band a bit on this run, and I'm definitely going to have to set up a massage appointment to work through this minor lingering issue before it becomes something more.

Tuesday: 12.14 miles. A tough workout....I ran from the office to Forest Park and knocked out 8xhills...1/2 mile up, 1/2 mile down. The ups were in the 3:21 range, and the downs were in the 3:01 range. It hurt, but it was worth it.

Wednesday: 10.21 miles. Nice and easy recovery run...and I felt good.

Thursday: 8.55 miles. To the track in what my coach AJW described as a great 6 week out test run. I did a 2 1/2 mile warmup, then 4x1600 in 5:38, 5:39, 5:36, and 5:32, with 2 minute rest between intervals. A nice 2 plus mile cooldown wrapped up the workout.

Friday: 10.15 miles. Again, nice and was a humid morning, and I didn't feel too hot when I started, but the run finished well.

Saturday: 30.72 miles. A great Greenrock trail run...I ran the first 20 plus miles with the group. The run went by much faster than the nearly 6 hours I was out there. It was a cool day with an off-and-on rain. Overall, though, a great run. It's funny how these 30 milers are becoming easier and easier.

Sunday: 12.12 miles, including a few at mid-7's "tempo" (i.e., tired) pace.

Total Week 19: 94.04 miles, my second highest weekly total ever. And I feel good. Six days until my 50 miler at Berryman, and 13 days until I'm running a 3-day training run on the WS100 course!

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