Friday, May 6, 2011

Michigan Bluff to Bath Road (Miles 55.7 to 60.6) (50 days to go!)

And we're back with the course tour! I'm excited to announce that we're only about $1,000 from my goal. That makes this section of the course tour, along with the next 30 miles, long overdue! Thank you everyone for your's hard to believe that I can say that the race is next month now!

The twelth stage of the Western States course takes runners from Michigan Bluff to the paved streets of Bath Road on their way into Foresthill. Special thanks to Derek and Chrissie Gipson, Bekah Page-Gourley, Laurie Dymond, Lonnie McNew, Steve D'Avria, Katie and Tuffy Hughes, and Doug, Deanne, and Colin McKenna for their donations to the Wounded Warrior Project that sponsor this section of the course tour. Special thanks to Tuffy, who served honorably in the US Army, during which time he met his lovely wife who was working for the government in Afghanistan.

This stretch of trail appears to have a little of everything: wide dirt roads, narrow single track, rocky paths, hills, flat sections, you name it.

The motivation for the runners is knowing that they're so close to Foresthill, where they will pick up their pacer for the remainder of the race. The suffocating heat of the canyons is in the rearview mirror, and the cool evening air is starting to set in.

The leaders will emerge onto Bath Road at Mile 60.6 around 2:30 PM. 24 hour runners will be nearly four hours behind, arriving at 6:25. 30 hour runners will pass through at 10:20 PM, with the aid station finally clsoing at 11:45 PM, over 9 hours after the leaders passed through.

It's a tad under 40 miles to the finish!

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