Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training Week 20 Recap (34 days to go!)

I can see it. It's there, just around the corner, only days away. That's right...the taper is coming, and it's coming soon!

Week 20 is in the books. I can't believe I'm wrapping up five months of training, but when I flip back through my training log, it becomes more and more apparent how far I've come.

Here's what I did this past week, with a fuller report of my race at the Berryman Trail 50 miler to come...hopefully, anyway. I never did get around to writing up a race report from Boston! Oops.

Monday: 8.12 miles. My legs were tired. It wasn't an easy run.

Tuesday: 12.12 miles. Very cold morning run. I wore gloves.

Wednesday: 10.12 miles. (By the way, you'll notice that I frequently run an extra .12 miles. It's a bit of a superstition. I like tacking on fractions of a mile because they add up to "free miles" in my year-end count, but I have a fear of the number 13, too.)

Thursday: 8.12 miles.

Friday: 1.05 miles. I made the drive down to Cuba, Missouri, for a stellar night at the Best Western, with a pre-race pasta dinner at Country Kitchen. It was a wild and crazy night, let me tell you.

Saturday: 50.0 miles. My second fifty miler, this one at the Berryman Trail ultra-race. I'll write up a race report, but here's the quick recap: I never thought it could happen, but I won the race in an approximate time of 7:02 (about an 8:26 pace). It was supposed to rain all day, and it did all night, but race day was actually dry...and later, hot and sunny. The trail, however, was muddy. I was pleased with my effort, and I got a sweet belt buckle and plaque to boot! The best part, however, was shooting the breeze with my fellow runners post-race for a few hours.

Sunday: 1.05 miles. The recovery run. I needed it. I'll probably take another one tomorrow.

Total Week 20: 90.58 miles. My first ever back-to-back 90 mile weeks. My old self doesn't recognize me, just like our regular waiter at our favorite Mexican place (where we hadn't frequented since Nora was born). He turned to me tonight and said, "You look different."

One thousand four hundred thirty-six point thirty-six miles since January 1 will do that to you.

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