Sunday, May 8, 2011

Training Week 18 Recap (48 days to go!)

Another one in the books. This week is significant because I don't think I've ever trained longer than 18 weeks for any race, and that one was my first marathon in 2005. I barely knew a thing about distance running at that point, and I somehow made it to the starting line with one pair of running shoes, one pair of wicking socks, one pair of wicking shorts, and one wicking shirt. I actually trained in cotton! Somehow, I made it to the finish line in a respectable time. I'm hoping for a similar result next month!

It was a great week of running. I started back with some higher intensity runs after the Chubb/Boston double. We surpassed the $9,000 mark in the Wounded Warrior Project, and as I write this, we're less than $800 from reaching my $10,000 goal. A friend, upon hearing that I'd raised $6,000 a good 6-8 weeks ago, told me, "That's a chunk of change" in the most complimentary sense of the phrase. I guess this is a 50% bigger chunk of change, and for that, I'm extremely humbled. We're nearly there...thank you.

Here's what I was up to this week running-wise:

Monday: 6.28 miles.

Tuesday: 8.55 miles.

Wednesday: 10.12 miles. All of these were "nice and easy" runs.

Thursday: 10.75 miles. My post-double return to the track was a success. I did a pyramid of sorts: 800 (2:47), 1200 (4:14), 1600 (5:41), 2000 (7:05), 1600 (5:41), 1200 (4:14), and 800 (2:46). I couldn't have been more pleased with my consistency. My only complaint was that it rained for most of the run, though I was treated with a huge rainbow during my cooldown jog.

Friday: 8.10 miles.

Saturday: 24.15 miles in a bit over 4 hours on the Greenrock Trail. I ran the first 8 or so with some was great to be out there with them. They turned around, and I trekked on. It was hard to believe that this is the same trail that was full of a half foot of fresh powder not too long ago. It felt like a rainforest...the trees had a canopy of leaves for the first time, and it was hotter than it had been. But as they say, it was the humidity that can get you. Was it ever humid out there! I had a great run, though, and enjoyed crossing paths with a few fellow ultra crazies Tony, Dave, Ed, and Ryan.

Sunday: 18.15 miles. I did this run on the roads. It was just easier. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, though, so the sun did its damage. I was pleased with my back-to-back long runs, though, even if I wasn't pleased when my left knee felt a little sore about a mile from home.

Total Week 18 Mileage: 86.10 miles. I didn't think anything of it until I checked the stats. This was my second highest mileage week ever! It comes one week after I finished my second highest month ever, with 293.65 miles in April.

And guess what? The race is next month!

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