Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up Next: WS100 Training Weekend (32 days to go!)

I'll hop on a plane on Friday to fly out to Sacramento for three days of running on the Western States course. it's a great chance to log some high mileage (over 70 miles) in three days while meeting other competitors and strategizing a bit for next month's race.

Saturday was supposed to take runners from Robinson Flat (Mile 29.7) to Foresthill (Mile 62) through the canyons, supposedly the toughest stretch of the course. Alas, the high snow levels have changed those plans according to the WS100 website:

Due to a much deeper snowpack than in previous years, we will not be able to use the normal Saturday training route through the high country.

Without access to the Deadwood Aid Station and the notion of slogging through four to five miles of snow with the very real possibility of injury, we will be using an alternate course that the runners will find just as challenging as the canyons and much more enjoyable. From a safety aspect, Run management has no choice but to use the alternate course.

The alternate course will run from the top of Driver's Flat Road to Foresthill (Cal Street in reverse) then on to Michigan Bluff. The runners will turnaround at Michigan Bluff and return to Foresthill for the finish. Total distance: 30.6 miles.

Sunday's 20 mile run from Foresthill (Mile 62) to Rucky Chucky (Mile 78), plus a little bit tacked on, is unaffected, as is Monday's 20 miles from Green Gate (Mile 79.8) to Auburn (FINISH!).

I'll miss my girls this weekend, and I'll miss our annual trip to the Indy 500, but I'm looking forward to this adventure and a chance to meet some of my fellow 2011 entrants!

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