Sunday, April 24, 2011

Training Week 15 Recap (61 days to go)

Here's a quick recap on the week ending April 17th...yes, I fell behind again!

Monday: 1.05 miles. Recovery run post-half marathon PR...

Tuesday: 8.27 miles. Hit the track for an 8x800 workout. Splits were solid...2:44, 2:40, 2:40, 2:31 (I drew an audience for this one-the mid-distance coach for Clayton HS), 2:39, 2:41, 2:42, 2:42. Very happy with this workout.

Wednesday: 10.12 miles.

Thursday: 6.12 miles.

Friday: 1.05 miles. Other than the day Nora was born, this was the first day of the 15 weeks I've been training with my coach that I didn't do his planned workout. He had an easy 5 on the calendar. I woke up and just didn't have any "go" in my legs. I figured the race the next day was more important than 4 miles, so I took the dog on a quick loop in the neighborhood. I don't regret that.

Saturday: 31.0 miles. Double Chubb 50k. Follow the link here to read about it.

Sunday: 3.00 miles. The best part about these miles was that I ran them in Boston, mostly along the Charles River! It felt good to be back in Beantown.

Total Week 15: 60.61 miles.

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