Saturday, April 9, 2011

Training Week Thirteen Recap (76 days to go)

Life must be busy if I can set a huge weekly mileage PR and not even share the news. And that's exactly what last week was! Here's the recap on my first ever 100 mile week...done in 7 runs. On average, that's over 14 miles per day! I was quite pleased, if just a tad bit tired.

Monday: 9.71 miles. I rearranged my schedule a bit, moving Tuesday's track session to Monday. I was still sore from the weekend, but I knocked out 5x1600s with 3 minutes rest in the low 5:40s after a couple mile warmup. I finished up with a couple mile cooldown.

Tuesday: 12.74 miles. This run got its own blog entry, since I ran it with fellow Domer Jeff Grabowsky on his run across America. It was a nice, easy, and talkative run. Jeff mentioned on his own blog that I "talked his ear off." Who, me? Couldn't be!

Wednesday: 10.13 miles. I headed back to Skinker Hill in Forest Park for half mile intervals. The 6 "up"s averaged around 3:12, while the 6 "down"s averaged about 2:52. I looked forward to the next day the entire time because it was....

Opening Day! I mean, Thursday: 12.12 miles. The best holiday on the St. Louis calendar is the Cardinals' Opening Day! Beth and I headed downtown on her first extended time away from Nora, but I made sure to get my run in that morning before celebrating the arrival of another season of baseball!

Friday: 10.12 miles. This was a nice and easy morning run. My legs were starting to feel the mileage.

Saturday: 32.21 miles. Back to the Greenrock Trail for some hardwork. The weather was perfect, starting in the mid-40s and increasing to about 60 degrees by the time I finished six hours later (official running time: 5:46:12; official time on trail, including water and food stops, shoe-tying, and bathroom breaks, not to mention a near fistfight with a mountain biker who was on a "no bike" portion of the trail: 6:10:39). I was pleased with the quality of this run, especially given the previous 10 plus days.

Sunday: 14.03 miles. It took a tad over 2 hours for me to finish this run. It didn't help that temperatures sored into the 80s, and there was a strong wind. Oh, and that tired leg thing, too. But I got it done.

Week 13 Total: 101.06 miles. Before this week, my highest weekly mileage was Week 6's 82 plus mile week, and before I started on this journey to the finish line in Auburn, my highest mileage ever was in the low the same week I ran a 50 mile race! Upon hearing this, one of my running friends commented that the human body is an amazing thing. They couldn't be more right.

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