Thursday, March 31, 2011

I thought I run alot. (86 days to go!)

It's March 31st, and I'm in the midst of my hardest week of training ever, having just completed my highest mileage month ever for the third straight month. But the nearly 13 miles I ran on Tuesday are nothing compared to the miles that fellow Notre Dame alumnus Jeff Grabowski has been logging in 2011. Jeff started running in Oceanside, California, in January. On Tuesday, nearly 2100 miles later, he entered Ellisville, Missouri, about 1 1/2 miles from my house. Here's a photo of his arrival to the corner of Manchester and Clarkson:

I joined him on a short journey down a few roads I've run dozens of times. When we finished for the day, Jeff still had 1600 plus miles ahead of him on his way to Smith Point, New York. That's right, Jeff is running across America. I think my favorite part of his daily summary is his observation that I "talked his ear off." Who, me? No way. What I admire most about Jeff is that he's running across the country for a reason: prayer. His website tells his story better than I can, but his rock solid faith, even in the face of adversity in life, is an inspiration. You can submit your prayer requests to him on his website, and I guarantee he'll pray for your intention. The local Fox affiliate showed up while Jeff and I were running. Here's the link to that story. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I'm identified by my occupation, but there it is. I hope you enjoy this story (and the guest appearance made by yours truly) as much as I enjoyed witnessing it.


  1. Such an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing and being a part of his ministry.

  2. Great photos and how cool to be a part of it! Thanks for sharing.

    -Karah/Kazz/Tired Mama Running