Saturday, March 19, 2011

Training Week Ten Recap (98 days to go!)

I figured something would have to give in my life when we brought our little pride and joy home. Turns out it was blogging. I'm still getting my runs in, work continues to slaughter me with busy-ness and stress, and I've found so much joy in my 4 weeks with Nora. I haven't, on the other hand, found much time to update this blog. I even managed to miss the 100 days to go mark!

Anyway, here's what I did in Week Ten of my training. Yes, Week Eleven concludes in 26 hours.

Monday: 6.28 miles nice and easy.

Tuesday: 8.12 miles, again pretty easy.

Wednesday: 8.28 miles, including 4x1200s at the track. My splits were pretty consistent in 4:12, 4:13, 4:07 (where'd THAT come from?), and 4:11, with 400 jogs in between.

Thursday: 1.05 miles on my "off day." The streak lives.

Friday: 10.12 miles. The funny thing about this run was that I knew I had to fit it in before work so I'd have fresh legs for Saturday's long run...and I had a sneaking suspicion that turned out to be correct that I'd be working late. When I left work at midnight, I was glad I didn't have a 10 miler waiting for me at home. Anyway, I set the alarm for 5 a.m. when I went to bed sometime around midnight (one of the benefits of a newborn at home). The alarm went off, I climbed out of bed, and I noticed the clock in the bathroom said 4 a.m. That seemed odd, but I figured we just never bothered to change it last fall. I headed out into the darkness, running a solid run along a usual route under a bed of stars. The highlight was running past a cop car parked along a busy road about 3 miles from my house. It had the appearances of running radar on the road, but I looked into the squad car as I ran by and saw the cop fast asleep. The people of Ballwin, Missouri can rest easy knowing they are safe. It wasn't until I went upstairs to shower that Beth mentioned that it was an hour earlier than I said I'd be out. It turns out that my alarm has an automatic daylight savings time feature that kicked into effect two days early Oops.

Saturday: 20.35 miles in 3:36 along the Green Rock Trail. The legs were sore, and I had to stop a couple times to loosen up my left calf.

Sunday: 12.15 miles in a bit over 8:00 pace. The legs were feeling it.

Total Week Ten: 66.35 miles. When I train for marathons, I use a 12 week program, with the final two weeks my taper period. And here I am, cranking out personal mileage records, with no end in sight! Gotta love ultras!

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