Sunday, January 30, 2011

Training Week Four Recap (146 days to go)

After setting a new mileage record last week, Week Four was a stepback week. I gave my body a chance to recuperate a bit, and by midweek, I could feel the speed returning to my legs. This was a big week for the Wounded Warrior Project fundraising, too, because with nearly five months until race day, I'm less than $100 short of being halfway to my $10,000 fundraising goal! Thank you all for your support!

Here's what I did this week:

Monday: 5.12 miles...nice and easy in the neighborhood. I could feel my right calf tightening a bit at the end of the run, a sign that my legs were still feeling the nine straight days of training intensity.

Tuesday: 7.21 miles, including 5x800s at the track. These 800s were a lot slower than the previous three weeks, because my legs were tired and the track was covered in bumpy snow and ice. Parkway West High School's track apparently doesn't get much sunlight.

Wednesday: 8.10 miles, including 4 miles at a 6:42 tempo pace. The legs really came alive, and I could have held the pace for a few more miles...a big change of pace from the previous Sunday's tempo run.

Thursday: 6.23 miles, including 4 downs and ups on the quarter mile hill nearby. I ran this in the dark, and I couldn't see the snow and ice. This was a tricky workout.

Friday: 1.05 miles with the dog! Ah! This morning run felt great.

Saturday: 16.19 miles, including 15 plus miles of trails at Castlewood State Park. I made sure to run some of the hillier sections. The overall pace was not fast, but the workout was effective.

Sunday: 7.62 miles, again nice and easy. This run featured the added bonus of being warm enough to wear shorts.

Total Week Four Miles: 51.52 miles...almost twenty miles fewer than last week, but the first time I'd ever run four consecutive weeks of 50 miles or more! With one day left in the month, I've run over 248 miles in January, a new monthly PR!

Week Five will involve another mileage increase, though I may fall short of 70 miles for the week. We'll see!

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